About the “Amici di St. James in Florence Onlus”

What is “Amici di St. James”?

Amici di St. James is a non-profit organization that represents the charitable branch of St. James Church in Florence.

What does ONLUS mean?

ONLUS means “organizzazione non lucrative di utilità sociale,” or non-profit organization for social good, according  to the Italian law 460, article 10, established by the Italian government in 1997.

Why does Amici di St. James qualify to be an ONLUS?

Because, in addition to other activities permitted under this specific law, such as health, education, sport, scientific research, etc., any organization that does charitable work can qualify as an ONLUS.  The Association “Amici di St. James” is responsible for St. James’ food bank, outreach and mission giving funds and in the future may be responsible for other charitable ministries at St. James.

What are the advantages to having the Associazione Amici di St. James?

  1. The Association provides the church with the opportunity to be recognized in Italy as a charitable organization (“Onlus”).
  2. Pledging parishioners who file and pay taxes in Italy will now be able to deduct their pledge from their Italian tax return.

By making my pledge to the Amici di St. James, will I still be supporting the Church of St. James?

Yes, because the Amici depends on the church and the money contributed to the Amici supports expenses of the church.

If I donate to the Amici, how much I can deduct from my Italian tax returns?

You can deduct:

  1. an amount that is not greater than 10% of your total income, and no more than 70.000,00 euro per year (art. 14, comma 1 D.L. 35/05 converted to law n. 80 14.5.2005), or;
  2. 19% of the taxes you owe, but no more than 2.065,83 euro (art. 15, comma 1 lettera I-bis D.P.R. 917/86)

Amici di St. James in Florence onlus
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