College Students

Almost ten thousand young women and men come to Florence over the course of a year to study for a semester or two in one of the many study-abroad programs here.

A rich diversity of people regularly comes together at St. James. The church’s student ministry encompasses a great variety of denominational and cultural backgrounds.

Our main Sunday Service is at 11 a.m., at which we have a very rich musical tradition.  Many students join our choir while they are here or one of the Gospel choirs that sing in the church.

St. James Adult Forums
At 10 a.m. each Sunday morning before each 11 a.m. Sunday service a series of lectures and discussions are held in the Undercroft.

Pastoral counseling and spiritual direction
During the course of the year many students increasingly have come for pastoral counseling. We are happy to offer a “home away from home”, friendly faces and English conversation to all at St. James.

Students in ministry and service
Students have been involved in St. James’ Food Bank, children’s library, and Sunday School. St. James has a Food Bank which each week feeds approximately 100 of this city’s poor and those refugees who live on our streets.  We always need help with this program and many students have come on a Thursday morning to help.  We also have an opportunity to assist with the preparation and cooking on the Wednesday nights of the IY dinner – as well as picking up some culinary skills at the same time.  We have other opportunities for volunteers, so contact us when you arrive if this would be something that would interest you.

In closing…

Attention Students: We know that being a ‘stranger in a strange land’ can be a trying experience, and our Rector is available for counselling. To set an appointment, call the church office at 055 29 44 17. (Office hours are Tuesday through Friday, 9:00-1:00, but feel free to leave a message if you call after hours!)

Benvenuto a Firenze – Welcome to Florence – We hope you enjoy your stay with us

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