St. James Christmas Gala – Dec. 3rd


Friends of St. James are exited to announce this year’s Christmas Gala. The Gala will be a celebration of the role St. James plays in the Florentine community.  A good time is guaranteed!

The Gala will start at 7:30 PM, and tickets cost €50 (US$70) per person.

For more information, contact Erica O’Kief

Tickets can be purchased at the Office (Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m. to noon) or through our volunteers, or online – just click the button below to pay with PayPal in US dollars ($70 per ticket):

Or by bank transfer (bonifico) to ‘Banca Intesa San Paolo’ – Account name St James American Church – Florence Italy

IBAN: IT43 S030 6902 8400 7349 6111 058

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